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American Health Care Act

After almost exactly seven years from the day the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, House Republicans have finally produced their repeal and replace bill. The American Health Care Act was introduced in the House of Representatives on March 6, 2017. Read more. Read letter of support.

Regulatory Reform Legislation

NCA and allies working to pass regulatory reform legislation. Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act. S. 584 and H.R. 33.  Read the letter of support for Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017.

Waters of the U.S. Rule

NCA and our allies pushing for rescission of the WOTUS Rule. On Feb. 28 President Trump signed an Executive Order that will let EPA remove WOTUS from books. NCA and our allies are also keeping the pressure on to completely remove the rule. Letter from House Republicans to President-Elect Trump.

H2B Visa

NCA and our allies support a bill to make the H-2B returning worker exemption permanent. Read the letter. S792.


DOL Guidance on Employee/Independent Contractor Classification

On July 15, 2016, DOL issued its new interpretation of classification of workers and it could have a significant impact on clubs that utilize caddies or any “independent contractors.”            

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