2012 National Club Conference


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Attend the 2012 National Club Conference and enjoy:

Premier Education
Featuring presentations by industry experts, interactive panel discussions of new trends and major industry issues, essential updates on legislation impacting the club industry, and the most vital information on membership marketing, management and governance topics affecting the future of private clubs

Access to Industry Experts
The National Club Conference provides an avenue for club leaders to come together with industry experts to share best practices, answer questions, and prepare for the future of the club industry.

Networking Opportunities
Share common questions, issues and experiences with fellow club leaders in a relaxed environment

An Incredible City
Join NCA and club industry leaders in the sprawling metropolis of New York City for events at the area's leading private city and country clubs

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On the Agenda 

Economic Outlook for 2012 and Beyond
The future outlook for the club industry is intrinsically tied to the financial health of the economy.  This program presents an assessment of the current state of the U.S. economy and the future economic outlook.

Strategic Issues for Private Club Leaders
As private clubs evolve with the changing times, societal and cultural shifts create new paradigms for club leaders. Learn how to plan for your club’s future by understanding the strategic factors that contribute to your club’s success. This program highlights major challenges and opportunities you should consider during your club’s strategic planning process and steps you can take to exceed member expectations and keep ahead of the curve.

Membership Development Strategies:  What Works, What to Avoid, Tools and Tips
Though there are signs of economic improvement within the club industry, many clubs are still challenged to grow or maintain their membership. Private clubs are in the dues business and must continue to develop programs and services that respond to changing member needs. Learn from marketing success stories about new strategies and innovative ways to bolster your club’s results and effective ways to leverage marketing communications and increase member satisfaction.

Luncheon Speaker
Hear an insider’s perspective on the actions of the 112th Congress and the major congressional issues in 2012, as well as valuable insights on the outlook for the 2012 congressional elections.

Recreational and Sports Trends for Clubs:   The Key to Your Club’s Own Fitness
Leisure and recreational activities are the backbone of the private club industry and can help drive membership growth, engage your club members and create value-added benefits that promote health and wellness. Hear about an exciting new PGA initiative to encourage player development, which can help bring new members to your club. Also learn about trends in fitness programming, to help your club achieve the highest levels of member satisfaction and support healthy, active lifestyles for your members.

2012 Legislative & Regulatory Outlook:  Changes to Expect for the Private Club Community
As the voice of private clubs, NCA actively promotes the interests of the private club community in Washington, D.C., and in the nation’s statehouses. This presentation gives you an insider’s guide to what’s going on in Congress, the federal regulatory agencies and the states that could have a direct impact on your club’s operations and governance in the years ahead. It will also cover the potential effects of the 2012 elections and how club leaders can affect the process and protect their interests.

Best Practices for Club Leaders: 50 Ways to Improve Your Board
Discussions about club governance often focus on what makes an ideal board and effective club leadership. Hear from a panel of experts on key topics related to governance and leadership development for private clubs, including how to focus boards on policy and strategy, making board dialogue engaging and effective, ensuring effective board-staff relationships and the role of leadership in strategic planning and financial oversight.


Should any attendee need to cancel a registration, NCA will provide a full refund for all categories of 2012 National Club Conference registration under the following conditions: for a refund to be provided, the cancellation request must be made in writing and acknowledged by the National Club Association no later than 5:00 p.m. EDT April 13, 2012. Refunds will not be given after this time.

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