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NCA Webinars

As the private club industry constantly changes and adapts, so do the National Club Association’s offerings. NCA’s webinar series gives members the tools they need to prepare for the changes and challenges affecting clubs, including new regulations, shifting trends, and fresh ideas for improving club operations and governance. Each interactive webinar will feature an open forum following the presentation, offering direct access to industry experts to answer questions and address concerns facing your club. NCA’s top quality educational content and unparalleled access to industry experts comes to your desktop, giving you the tools your club needs for future success today.

Webinars are free for NCA members. A charge applies to nonmembers.

Recordings for Recent Webinars

NCA members can view all recorded webinars at no cost. Nonmembers will be required to pay a fee to view the recordings. All clubs wishing to view previously recorded webinars must register through the links below.

July 30, 2015 - Club Liability Lawsuits: Tips for Avoiding Court



Tactics for Building Better Member Engagement
This webinar covered methods for transforming a club's newsletter into the #1 tool for member engagement.

Introduction to Social Media for Private Clubs
This webinar explored which social media sites make the most sense for private clubs and the 10 critical steps your team needs to follow to be successful on them.

Crisis Communications: Being Prepared for the Unexpected
This program provided guidance on how to prepare for dealing with negative media coverage in a world of viral communications and 24/7 news coverage.


7 Secrets to Lowering Costs and Improving Profitability
The webinar provided tips from procurement experts to help club owners and operators reduce costs while enhancing the guest or member experience.

How to Create a Zero Food Waste Program at Your Club
This webinar presented a case study of a zero food waste program to divert food waste to on-site gardens as fertilizer using a technique that is safe, easily implemented and inexpensive.

The Economics of Club Renovations
This session showed the many facets of a renovation project, ranging from the conceptual and design planning and financial feasibility to the impact on the club's operation before, during and after implementation.

Finance & Technology

Change Management In Private Clubs
This webinar discussed how clubs have changed since 2010 and how the future might look over the next five years.

Real Estate Tax Assessment
This webinar discussed the elements of a real estate tax assessment, process of an appeal and some of the issues relating to how a club might be properly assessed.

Manage WITH Metrics, Not TO Metrics
This webinar discussed how to focus on the key drivers of your club's financial performance.

Technology Innovations for Private Clubs: The Outlook for the Future
This webinar featured insight about the future of club technology and how technological innovations will enhance the club experience for this generation of members—and the next.

See Your Club's Financial Statements Through the Eyes of Your Banker
This webinar gave insight into the approach, concerns and regulatory issues with which your banker has to deal.

2013 Financial Outlook for Clubs
This presentation examined how the dramatic economic impact of the 2012 election (regardless of the results) as well as the gradual beginnings of economic rebound will affect clubs in the short term and into the future.

Food & Beverage

Food and Event Trends for the Private Club Industry
This webinar covered events trends in food, beverage and decor; the 2013 holiday season; upsells; and, how to create the "WOW" factor for member and private events.


Building Effective Club Committees
This webinar covered structure and practices of effective boards, enhancing leadership skills of volunteers, fostering a culture that encourages growth and creativity, and establishing clear boundaries between management and governance.

Best Practices For Effective Club Governance
This webinar covered best practices for board size, selection and nomination, orientation, risk management and strategic planning as well as discuss the role of the Audit and/or Finance Committee and present club operating and management data.

Strategic Board Development
This webinar outlined how the general manager can influence results by using nominating best practices and by recognizing key characteristics of high performance boards.

Demystifying Club Governance
This session provided participants with a framework for understanding governance as a process.

Fiduciary Role of the Audit Committee
This presentation provided a basic understanding of how the audit committee functions and its fiduciary responsibilities in the private club industry.

Strategic IT Planning - Advanced Tactics
This webinar covers key topics in progressive and effective IT planning.

Health Care

The New Health Care Law and Private Clubs: Part I
This first webinar provides an overview of the most immediate mandates clubs will have to follow under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The New Health Care Law and Private Clubs: Part II
The second part of the series provides a discussion of the costs private clubs will incur as they comply with the new law.

The New Health Care Law and Private Clubs, Part III
This webinar reviewed the new ACA requirements and guided club leaders through what they must be doing now and in the future to prepare for the effects of this new law.

The New Health Care Law and Private Clubs, Part IV
This webinar provided attendees with insight and strategies to deal with the new regulations and statutory mandates and its impact on your club’s bottom line.

Health & Wellness

Wellness Services & Fitness Programs in the Modern Private Club
This presentation addressed best practices for club fitness and wellness programs, including membership buy-in, cutting edge facilities, staffing and new programs.

Legal & Legislative

Election Review: 2013 Outlook for Private Clubs
This presentation covered the 2012 election results and expected impact on the private club industry.


"Member-First Marketing” to Increase Member-Hosted Private Events and Member Attendance at Member Events
This webinar offered insight into how a club can position its catering department as a member benefit and increase member-hosted events.

Maximizing Membership Retention and Recruitment through the Role of the Membership Director
This webinar discusses the role of the membership director.


Classifying Independent Contractors
This webinar examined best practices for classifying independent contractors at clubs, discussing the tests used by courts and agencies, the attacks upon alleged misclassification and ‘wage theft,’ as well as steps management can take to limit potential exposure.

The ROI of Strategic Human Resources
This session showed what makes an HR department strategic when it comes to planning, staffing, compensation and benefits, training and development, performance management, communication, and compliance.

"If you aren't talking to your employees about fraud, who is?"
This session offered insight into recommended roles and responsibilities of fraud prevention and detection.

Clubs & Unions
This webinar explained the legal setting and key points about preparing in advance of union discussions, as well as covered the practical side of how to deal with labor campaign activity at your club.





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