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New England Regional Conference

November 8, 2012

The National Club Association, along with the The New England Chapter of CMAA, co-hosted a Regional Conference on Thursday, November 8, 2012 at Carnegie Abbey Club, Portsmouth, R.I.

Download the Presentations:

Government Matters: 2012 Update
Brad Steele, Vice President of Government Relations & General Counsel, National Club Association

As the voice of clubs on Capitol Hill, NCA is actively engaged in promoting issues to benefit clubs and in defending our industry from its critics. This presentation is an insider's outlook for the top issues affecting private clubs based upon the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election.

How to Add Organizational Strength and Value to Clubs through Effective Boards and Committees
Ned McCrory, Batchelor, Frechette, McCrory, Michael & Co.

Boards and committees contribute to organizations in a wide variety of ways and bring an equally wide range of backgrounds and expertise. Knowing and understanding key characteristics of volunteers can help clubs encourage visionary leadership that contributes to the quality of the facility. Areas of focus of this program include: structure and practices of effective boards, enhancing leadership skills of volunteers, fostering a culture that encourages growth and creativity, and establishing clear boundaries between management and governance.

Trends and Issues for Private Clubs: A Future Outlook
Frank Vain, President, The McMahon Group

Is your planning for the future based on information from the past? Learn the vital information private clubs need to prepare for the coming tides of change: demographic shifts toward an older and more diverse population, employment and economic growth during challenging times, and the prevalence of technology and social media communications.

Essentials of Club Marketing: Creating and Communicating Value
Stephen Ready, CEO, VCT

Today’s club members have more choices than ever before and expect more from the club in terms of programs and services. This session will focus on effective ways to create and communicate value, to ensure that you club has positive levels of member satisfaction and engagement, which is essential to building and maintaining an active and satisfied club membership.



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