DOL Overtime Rule

The Department of Labor's Overtime Exemption Rule will force clubs to pay overtime to any employee making less than $47,476 per year. The rule will take effect on Dec. 1, 2016. NCA and our golf allies thank Rep. Schrader for his OT phase-in bill. Another bill, H.R. 6094, was introduced to provide a six-month delay in the implementation date of the overtime regulation. Read the letter of support.

DOL Persuader Rule

On Monday, June 27, a U.S. District Court in Texas put the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) Persuader Rule on hold, giving clubs a much needed respite from the rule’s impact. The rule was supposed to go into effect this Friday, July 1. This stay will remain in effect until the case is finalized. Read the Alert.

Waters of the U.S. Rule

Court halts WOTUS Rule for all 50 states, giving clubs a much needed respite. Click here to find out more.  

H2B Visa

H-2B Workforce Coalition Applauds House Labor, HHS and Education Spending Bill. NCA and our allies work to ensure the H-2B Visa Program’s Returning Worker Exemption is continued into FY2017. House letter  Senate letter. Thanks to Sen. Jeff Flake for his commitment to broadening temporary foreign worker options for clubs. Read the letter. Read about the Worker Visa Pilot Program.


DOL Guidance on Employee/Independent Contractor Classification

On July 15, DOL issued its new interpretation of classification of workers and it could have a significant impact on clubs that utilize caddies or any “independent contractors.”            


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