National Golf Day 2012

The Golf Industry in the United States

April 18, 2012 marks the 5th Annual National Golf Day. On this day, NCA joins industry leaders onto Capital Hill in Washington, D.C., to speak to law makers from across the country about the benefits of golf. Our message: Because of the economical, social, environmental, health and wellness and charitable benefits to society, golf is more than a game.

More than 28 million Americans play golf and it is a favored spectator sport watched by millions more.  As such, golf is a leading U.S. industry that makes a wide variety of positive contributions to our society.


  • The golf industry accounts for 2 million jobs in the U.S. and it provides those employees more than $61 billion in income.
  • Golf provides a direct economic impact of $76 billion to the American economy.
  • Golf’s total direct, indirect and induced economic impact on America has been measured at $195 billion.
  • The golf industry is larger than the motion picture and video business.



  • Golf generates $3.5 billion for charitable causes each year and those dollars benefit local communities and their citizens.
  • Through youth development programs such as The First Tee and junior golf programs, golf teaches essential life skills to young people – sportsmanship, respect, integrity, honesty, and self-control.
  • Golf clubs provide a vital community service in offering a place to recreate and socialize, serving as a hub of community social interaction.



  • Golf courses are professionally managed by individuals who have been educated, certified and/or licensed to ensure that the golf facilities are operated in an environmentally responsible manner.  Our industry is a steward of the environment.
  • A golf course is a healthy natural environment. The turfgrass on golf courses serves as a filter to control run off and flooding; out of play areas offer wildlife habitat; and trees and bushes filter dust and pollen.
  • The widespread benefits of golf course landscapes are delivered with the minimal use of water.  Golf courses account for only one-half of one percent of U.S. annual water consumption.
  • The nearly 16,000 U.S. golf facilities provide communities with valuable green space.


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