2011 National Club Conference

Date: April 28 - 29, 2011



      2011 National Club Conference in Washington, D.C.

      April 28-29, 2011 at the Park Hyatt Washington in historic Georgetown





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Preparing for Your Future:  Trends Affecting the Private Club Community

The changing realities of 2011 herald new opportunities and challenges for leaders in the private club industry. What makes a club attractive to current prospects? How does the recent financial crisis affect the industry? What do members want most out of their experience? This program  answered those questions and provided an up-to-the-minute analysis of the major influences on club membership, focusing on the variable economy, changing membership and workforce demographics, evolving lifestyle trends, and the latest and greatest developments in leisure and recreation.

Speaker:     Frank Vain, President, The McMahon Group
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Government Matters: Key Issues for Clubs on Capitol Hill

As the voice of the private club industry on Capitol Hill, NCA is charged with the task of advancing the interests of private clubs in Washington, D.C. This program  provided an insider’s guide to everything you need to know about our activities on Capitol Hill this year. Learn about the issues that matter most to your club’s bottom line and how NCA is fighting to protect clubs in the Halls of Congress and the regulatory agencies.

Speaker:      Brad Steele, NCA Vice President of Government Relations & General Counsel
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The Budget, Deficit Reduction and Congress in 2011

Former Congressman Thomas M. Davis provided valuable insight on the ways in which Congress will approach the budget, focus on deficit reduction, and improve the economic outlook for both the country and the private club industry. Davis has 13 years of congressional experience and an in-depth working knowledge of the new House leadership. 

Keynote Speaker:   Former Congressman Thomas M. Davis
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Ask the Experts

Our panel of experts were challenged with the most pressing issues of the attendees. Expert advice was shared on topics including legal liability, protecting a club’s private status, financial trends, tax questions, governance matters, and enhancing membership development through effective communication strategies.

Speakers:     Robyn Nordin Stowell, Partner, Holmes Roberts Owens
                        Kevin F. Reilly, Partner, PKF Witt Mares
                        Stephen Ready, President & CEO, VCT Corporation
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What’s on the Private Club Technology Horizon?

Let’s face it—the private club industry is often behind the times when it comes to technological implementation. But there are solutions that clubs can use. This fast-paced, informative presentation covered the latest technologies that provide outstanding values to both clubs and their members to help you plan for your future. Everything from wireless access and network security to subscription plans and redefining the Club IT role was covered.  This program was presented as part of an ongoing joint NCA and HFTP project dealing with technology issues of greatest concern to club leaders.

Speakers:     Bill Boothe, Partner, Private Club Technology Solutions
                        Mark Lipsitt, Partner, The Lipsitt Group
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