Immigration Options for Clubs Under the New Administration

Date: May 11, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Speaker: Keith Pabian
Founding Partner, Pabian Law

The past few months have thrown immigration issues into the national news and discussion. Travel bans, a border wall and discussions of changes to various visa regulations, including recently passed H-2B visa reform, have all been topics of conversation from coast to coast. Attorney Keith Pabian will focus on understanding the current immigration landscape and what it means for private clubs. This webinar will also discuss visa options for private clubs, including the H-2B seasonal visa and year-round visa options with an eye toward understanding what the future will hold for these options under the new administration.
Speaker bio:
Keith Pabian is the founding partner of Pabian Law, LLC, an immigration law firm in Boston, Mass., that focuses on assisting employers through the visa and immigration process. Pabian has a unique specialization in representing seasonal businesses from coast to coast with a special focus on the private club industry. Pabian and his firm are very involved with the National Club Association, CMAA and HFTP and their affiliated local chapters. Pabian has presented at numerous national conferences, local chapter meetings and international webinars on immigration topics affecting the private club industry.


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