Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the requirements to become a member or associate member of NCA?

A:  Club members must be a private, social or recreational club in the United States and pay annual dues as outlined in the membership application found under Membership. Click on the application link to apply online. Associate members are organizations and individuals having an interest in, and concern for, private clubs and related activities. To become an  associate member, go to Membership, Associate Member Benefits, and click on application for information about dues and benefits. 

Q:  How do I apply to become a member or an associate member of NCA?

A:  You may apply online or download the applications from the NCA website and mail it with your dues payment to NCA, 1201 15th Street NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20005.  You can also fax it to NCA (if paying by credit card) to 202-822-9808, or e-mail your application (if paying by credit card) to, or call NCA at 800-625-6221.

Click here for the Club Member application.

Click here for the Associate Member application.

Q:  I am a member of a club, and I think the club could really benefit from becoming an NCA member. How do I convince my general manager to become a member of NCA?

A:  Contact our membership department at or by calling 800-625-6221 to request a membership package for your general manager. NCA staff will provide all the information needed about the benefits of NCA membership.

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