June 2009

Published Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Business Continuity and Disaster Plans for Clubs

Any interruption in service in the private club industry can have negative effects on operations, employees and members alike. Therefore, it is crucial to have a business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan in place at the club. 

The Greening of the Hospitality Industry

Taking steps to improve energy efficiency is beneficial to the hospitality industry because it not only benefits the bottom line, but also improves the service of capital equipment, can enhance guest comfort, and it demonstrates a commitment to the environment. 

The Future of Health Care Benefits

As many employers look for ways to cut costs, some are turning to the benefits offered to employees—particularly health care insurance. It’s a major expense for many employers, especially private clubs, and one they feel they can trim or remove altogether. 

Membership Marketing: What’s Working?

Clubs of all sizes, in every state, are struggling to recruit new members in this economy. Knowing that it’s less expensive to keep an existing member than it is to get a new one, many clubs are turning their limited resources to keeping their current members happy, recognizing recent and long-time members who are sticking with the club through the tough times.

Laws & Regs

FTC Red Flags rule, state sales tax in Washington and Connecticut, carbon emissions.

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