July 2009

Published Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Released: 2009 Trends and Issues

NCA has released the 2009 issue of Trends and Issues: A Private Club Perspective. The report is based on national data, trends and demographics and NCA’s monitoring of industry periodicals, books, surveys and news reports.

Board Vacancies: Preparing for the Unexpected

A sudden and unexpected resignation of a key board member at a private club could be troublesome if the club does not address the issue properly in its bylaws. Establishing effective club governance practices is a constantly evolving practice—one in which club leaders must take an active role.  

Why Coalitions Are So Important

Coalitions provide Washington trade associations a greater opportunity to be heard and to influence legislation, and that is why NCA continues to join with like-minded coalitions to speak with one voice to our elected leaders. NCA’s government relations team attended nearly 40 coalition meetings in 2008.  

Golf and the Economy

Golf Digest recently completed its 2009 Economic Outlook Study, which profiled the magazine’s subscribers’ attitudes about their current lifestyle and leisure activities in comparison to the general population.  

Laws & Regs

Errant golf balls, paid sick leave, eminent domain.


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