July 2010

Published Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NCA to Re-Structure Associate Membership Program

Over the course of the summer, NCA will be restructuring its Associate Membership program aimed at partnering with industry experts as allies in moving the private club industry forward, as well as increasing the value of NCA membership for private clubs.

Private Clubs and Songwriters: Playing Copyrighted Music

If you don’t understand why a club must pay to use music, you’re not alone. Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about playing copyrighted music.

Fitness and Spa Trends in Private Clubs

Fitness and spa facilities provide a multi-million dollar revenue producing stream for private clubs. According to the Club Spa and Fitness Association (CSFA), the second amenity that potential new members request to tour after the clubhouse is the fitness center and spa areas.  

Laws & Regs

H2B Visa Program, EPA and CO2 emissions and eminent domain.

Corporate Partners

Club Industry Brief

NCA's free bi-weekly news digest is designed specifically for private club leaders. It covers industry news and trends and articles on golf, membership and operations for private clubs.