June 2011

Published Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome to the New and Improved NCA CONNECT! 

Through NCA’s new strategic communications alliance with VCT Corporation, the industry leader in providing customized member communications solutions, we have revamped NCA CONNECT to provide you with an innovative platform for NCA resources, membership benefits, educational opportunities, exclusive content, and excerpts from various NCA publications, as well as NCA Corporate Partner offerings ...

NCA Announces New Member Service for Club Retirement Plans

Recently, NCA teamed up with The Bird Barkman Group of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, a new corporate partner of NCA, to offer a valuable and complimentary service to ensure compliance with the new Department of Labor (DOL) regulations for retirement plan management ...

Private Club Technology Trends

In our continued coverage of last month’s National Club Conference, this month’s article will explore Private Club Technology Trends. This tech-centered presentation delineates the latest technology trends in the club industry ...

Proper On-Boarding for New Club Directors

Being a club member and being a member of a club’s board of directors are two entirely different things.

Laws & Regs

Comments on Proposed H-2B Visa Regulations; Health Care Reform Law - Oral Arguments Heard in Virginia Appeal; North Dakota Sales Tax Exemption; Minimum Wage Increase Push Seen; Georgia Immigration Reform Laws

Industry Watch

Trends, demographics and news from the club industry.

Corporate Partners

Club Industry Brief

NCA's free bi-weekly news digest is designed specifically for private club leaders. It covers industry news and trends and articles on golf, membership and operations for private clubs.