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Affairs of State

In my role as President and CEO, I love getting, and answering, the question, “What is the National Club Association (NCA) and what does it do?” The direct answer as it relates to our advocacy work is that we lobby on behalf of private clubs. (Of course we do much more than just lobbying, but I’ll save that for a future blog.)

The much more nuanced answer regarding our advocacy is that NCA is the only organization that actively lobbies the U.S. Congress with a specific focus on the needs of the private club industry. In addition, NCA also serves as an advocate for private clubs in the regulatory agencies, in the statehouses and in the courts.

What makes this nuanced answer important? The part about statehouses. While most of NCA’s advocacy actions have taken place here in Washington, D.C., on federal issues, we are expanding our efforts. Right now, NCA is working with our members in New York and Maryland to stop legislation that would negatively revise current property tax statutes as they relate to private clubs. 

In New York, a bill was introduced a bill in the state assembly that would allow local governments to levy higher taxes on golf clubs based upon their highest possible use. If this bill passes, it could mean enormous and unsustainable tax increases for all clubs.

In Maryland, NCA has worked with clubs in Montgomery Country, Md., to combat a bill that would dramatically increase their property tax assessments. This bill was originally introduced to only impact clubs in Montgomery County, but the legislator proposing the bill altered his strategy and he has now made this a statewide bill. We are now working with clubs throughout the state to defeat this legislation.

Read more about the Maryland legislation in this issue of NCA Connect, and about the Maryland and New York issues in the spring issue of Club Director magazine.

What issues are affecting your club in your state? Let us know so that we can assist you and your neighboring clubs.



Warm Regards,

Henry Wallmeyer
NCA CEO & President

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