NCA Celebrates 50 Years


Founded in 1961, NCA has worked throughout the years to help clubs deal with the issues affecting them most: taxation, public accommodation legislation, balancing the need for privacy with the realities of outside business, and helping clubs find the answers to myriad issues that can affect the industry’s future.

As outlined in a 1986 history by Frank G. Hathaway, one of the founders and a past president, NCA was formed by a group of about a dozen clubs to fight for the repeal of the 20-percent federal excise tax on club dues and initiation fees. The same tax had been reduced to 10 percent on other forms of entertainment in 1960, and club leaders felt the industry was being unfairly targeted. In 1961, Congress also seriously considered the elimination of dues deductibility.

Working almost entirely with private contributions, Hathaway and the other founding NCA members lobbied the club industry and Congress, traveling and speaking throughout the country. By June of 1965, when Congress repealed the excise tax on club fees, the organization had grown to 50 member clubs. Congress would continue to examine the private club exemption from federal tax throughout the 1970s and ‘80s, and would periodically challenge the deductibility of dues and meal expenses.

Over the years, NCA membership grew by literally hundreds of clubs as we tried to educate member and nonmember clubs about the necessity for industry unity and awareness.

In the ensuing years, NCA worked hard to help clubs balance the need for additional revenue to cover escalating expenses, continue to recruit new club members, and maintain their private status. Through publications such as The Legal Reference Guide for Private Clubs, Membership Marketing, Club Governance Guidelines, Private & Tax-Exempt Status, the Club Director Reference Series, and the premier magazine, Club Director, NCA established itself as an industry voice that could reliably provide answers for club leaders.

As we move forward, NCA will continue to serve as the advocate for private clubs while filling the information needs of the industry. We welcome your comments, suggestions and support as we celebrate 50 years of service to the private club industry.

NCA Lifetime Achievement Award

Fred Somers and Harold Berman were presented with the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Awards in honor of NCA's 50th Anniversary.

Related Historical Information

NCA has compiled information related to important legal and legislative initiatives affecting clubs over the past 50 years. The "Articles from the Archive" series--commemorating NCA's 50th Anniversary--highlighted some of the most important issues covered in our magazine, Club Director.  Articles from the Archives were reprinted throughout the 2011 year.


Celebrating 50 Years of NCA
Celebrating 50 Years of NCA
Articles from the Archives: Public Accommodation Legislation
Articles from the Archives: Public Accommodation Legislation

The Caddie Relief Act
The Chicago Club Story
The Chicago Club Story


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A History of Taxation: Club Dues Deductibility
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Club Governance and Operations
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Legislating Change

Celebrating 50 Years of NCA History
Join us on a trip through history as NCA celebrates 50 years of advocacy and answers for the private club industry.  Revisit the past, gain perspective on the present, and explore the future of NCA and private clubs.


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