NCA's Political Action Committee

As with any trade association, NCA has its own political action committee. ClubPAC is NCA’s vehicle to financially support congressmen and senators who advance issues important to our member clubs and the private club industry. Each year, clubs face new challenges and each year NCA fights for clubs’ rights on Capitol Hill.

Political Action Committees are a major part of our country’s electoral process. Each week, NCA’s Government Relations Department receives numerous invitations to political events that offer the opportunity to speak with members of Congress about issues that matter most to our members. These events, coupled with our other advocacy efforts, allow NCA to build our contacts with politicians who are sympathetic to the concerns of the private club industry.

ClubPAC enables NCA to contribute to congressmen and senators, regardless of party affiliation, who support private clubs and the club industry. Most importantly, ClubPAC allows us to be at the table when legislation and regulations affecting our industry are being drafted.

Federal election campaign laws contain extensive rules that trade association political action committees, like ClubPAC, must follow to solicit and raise funds. Pursuant to that law, NCA may not solicit donations from nonmember clubs or even encourage support of ClubPAC without meeting specific and complex requirements. As an example, ClubPAC must first request and receive permission from a member club before it may even send out a letter asking that club for a contribution—and then the contributions may only come from that club’s senior employees. Signing this form does not obligate you to make a contribution. It only gives us the right to ask for that contribution and tell you more about ClubPAC.

To learn more about NCA’s ClubPAC we encourage you to download the Permission to Solicit form and return it to Brad Steele, NCA Vice President of Government Relations and General Counsel at

Thank you for being a part of NCA and for being a part of the process to make our industry stronger.

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