2015 New England Regional Conference

PowerPoint Presentations

The National Club Association hosted a Regional Conference on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at Dedham Country and Polo Club in Dedham, Mass.


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The Outlook for Health Insurance: How Clubs are Dealing with the Affordable Care Act
Brad Steele, Vice President & General Counsel, National Club Association
The complexities and challenges of dealing with the employer requirements imposed by the Affordable Care Act are daunting for many private clubs. Despite a desire to maintain high quality benefits for their employees and to minimize the cost of those benefits, many clubs are finding that the process of determining the best options for the club and its employees is not an easy task. This program will review the most common issues clubs encounter while implementing the ACA. Also examined are the factors that could affect future decisions about what to offer and the financial impact of potential changes in health benefit programs.

The Legal Landscape for Private Clubs: Areas of Liability and Exposure
Kevin F. Reilly, Partner, PBMares
Kids! Employees! Pool! Today’s club managers have to be half-manager, half-lawyer to handle their job. This program will discuss many current legal issues and areas of potential liability, including employment and areas of club operations. It will also explain proactive measures clubs can take to protect themselves and to minimize legal exposure for managers and boards.

Cyber Security Concerns for Private Clubs
Fred Santarsiere, CTO, Cino, LTD.
Concerns about cyber threats, attacks on corporate networks and theft of member information are growing issues for private clubs. Given the types of personal data that clubs often retain in their records, they may have a growing level of risk from cyber security attacks that need to be addressed in the areas of technology security, risk management and crisis communications. This program includes some case studies illustrating the experiences of several private clubs that have been hit by cyber attacks and ways to add protections for information security liability.

The Changing Outlook for Private and Tax-Exempt Status: What’s Important Today and How It Might Change
Kevin F. Reilly, Partner, PBMares
A private club that loses its private status not only could forego Constitutional protections and exemptions from many federal laws, but its tax-exempt status could also be jeopardized. Legal cases, societal change, and growing economic pressures have made this a challenging issue for many clubs. This program explains the differences between private and tax-exempt status and where they may overlap. It also examines why you would want to keep your club truly private and what that requires, as well as considerations that could affect your tax exempt status. Specific areas covered include the impact of nonmember business activities, guest policies and reciprocal arrangements, the importance of selectivity in evaluating prospective members and bylaw provisions to protect private status.

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