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St. Louis, MO, 63141
Contact: William McMahon, Sr.

McMahon Group is the premier full-service, private club consulting firm serving more than 2,000 private clubs across North America, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe. The firm’s services include strategic club consulting for achieving maximum club success, facility planning, financial planning for capital projects, club mergers, developer club conversions and membership research. Specific services provided by McMahon Group are clubhouse master planning/improvement programs/financing, membership survey/focus group research, strategic planning, clubhouse/golf course existing conditions/asset reserve studies, dining/golf quality assurance programs (Ask the Members™), membership development programs, board governance consulting and consultant-for-a-day specialized services.

As a service to clubs and the club management profession, McMahon Group co-sponsors the Club Trends quarterly publications on critical topics facing private clubs with NCA, co-sponsors the Excellence in Club Management™ Award and Rising Star Award, and manages Clubtopia®, the online business directory for clubs.


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