Club Governance Standards

The National Club Association launched a new white paper series in 2015 for members entitled Club Governance Standards. This resource features white papers on governance topics tailored to private clubs. The series’ first paper was “Chief Executive Succession Planning for Private Clubs.” It was sent to all NCA member clubs in a binder, in order to easily organize the additional papers scheduled to be released annually.

Club Governance Standards serves as a go-to resource for club leaders to help them effectively govern, and includes a growing collection of best practices, tips, checklists, and model language and sample forms all geared toward ensuring your board is running smoothly and accomplishing its goals. Club Governance Standards is designed to orient and educate the novice as well as the long-tenured board member on a variety of topics such as the board nomination process, leadership development, board meetings and board training, among others.

Club Governance Standards is funded by NCA’s Board Leadership Institute, which aims to create knowledge-building initiatives that expand both awareness of, and ways to use, effective guidance on club governance. The NCA Foundation (NCAF) and Global Golf Advisors (GGA), NCA’s Legacy Alliance partner and lead sponsor of NCA’s Board Leadership Institute, financially support the Board Leadership Institute.

White papers in the series include:

Chief Executive Succession Planning for Private Clubs

Dynamics of Club Board Cycles


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