About the NCA Foundation

Since 1993, the NCA Foundation has served as the National Club Association’s charitable arm, funding programs to provide insight and analysis of the forces likely to shape the future club experience.

As the world combats COVID-19, the NCA Foundation is supporting the private club industry by sponsoring vital information for all private clubs on NCA's Coronavirus Resource Center and by supporting free, educational webinars in the Coronavirus Town Hall Series. Please consider making a contribution to support our commitment to providing the best resources and information to clubs during this crisis.

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The NCA Foundation seeks to prepare clubs and the club industry for the future by assessing significant developments in the world around them and providing effective solutions to help clubs and their leaders respond.


The NCA Foundation works to:

  • Analyze key trends that could shape clubs’ future success and anticipate member needs and expectations so club leaders can respond effectively
  • Support research and educational needs of the private club community
  • Develop and disseminate ideas for innovative programming to deliver value and create an overall sense of community within clubs
  • Provide best practice examples to enhance management skills and ensure sound governance
  • Anticipate threats to the private club experience, whether from government intervention, legal threats or economic challenges, and determine the impact of those threats on the future success of clubs

Additionally, the NCA Foundation helps support a number of vital programs that analyze data, assess club needs, forecast trends and educate club leaders. Learn more.

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Since 2004, the NCA Foundation has raised more than $1 million in contributions and pledges in support of the vital research and education projects it helps to underwrite. This generous support has allowed the NCA Foundation advance its mission to prepare clubs and the club industry for the future, by assessing significant developments and providing effective solutions.

Project Highlights

Produced Future Trends & Issues: A Private Club Perspective, the Foundation’s first comprehensive publication on trends research and analysis. Launched member-wide fundraising for the Foundation’s research and education initiatives.

Began its annual sponsorship of the NCA National Club Conference to help underwrite critical education programs for the club industry.

Developed the publication Private Club Facility Access Issues to provide solutions for clubs and address special concerns regarding facilities accessibility.

Funded a critical new governance resource Club Governance Guidelines: A Path to Organizational Excellence – which addresses governance oversight responsibilities for club leaders.

Issued a grant to disseminate the National Golf Foundation’s study, The Future of Private Golf Clubs in America – A Strategic Perspective, to all golf clubs in the United States.

Supported the release of the 2009 Private Club Operations Report, providing must-have benchmarking data for all aspects of club operations.

Underwrote The Impact of Technology for Private Clubs, a joint study with the Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals that assesses technology trends affecting clubs.

Announced a “50 for 50” campaign to raise $50,000 in honor of the National Club Association’s 50th anniversary. This campaign ended in 2012 with nearly $108,000 in donations.

Helped fund NCA’s popular Webinar Series, designed to bring high-quality educational sessions led by top industry experts to club leaders across the country.

Launched a new multi-phase trends research study designed to provide clubs with a long-term outlook and guidance on how to respond to upcoming changes.

Supported the launch of the new Board Leadership Institute, designed to develop highly effective boards that are well prepared for their future.

Underwrote publication of Navigating the Future:
 The Outlook for Private Clubs, an outcome of the trends study done in 2013. With Foundation support, copies of the Executive Highlights were disseminated to all NCA members.

Funded the first product of the Board Leadership Institute – the Board Toolkit: Ways to Build a Better Board to help clubs enhance their board effectiveness.

Supported creation of an online “Trends Tracker” forum for sharing trends content on an ongoing basis, through NCA’s member website, and to search trends topics such as food & beverage, demographics, lifestyle, recreation and other categories for recent news articles, industry reports and research studies.

The NCA Foundation serves as the charitable arm of the National Club Association (NCA), a Washington, D.C.-based trade association that has served the private club industry for more than 50 years. The mission of the National Club Association is to defend, protect and advance the interests and well-being of private, social and recreational clubs.

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