Deepdale Golf Club Wins Its Case Against Eminent Domain

Published Wednesday, July 5, 2006

(Washington, DC, July 5, 2006)- Deepdale Golf Club, located in the village of North Hills, NY, enjoyed a victory when the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate passed legislation on June 22 that derailed the village's efforts to use the power of eminent domain to seize the club property. The National Club Association congratulates Deepdale on its victory and pledges continued attention to the eminent domain issue.

On June 28, the North Hills mayor's office issued a press release, which announced the state's decision and noted that, although many village residents want to pursue legal action against the legislation, he will recommend to the village's trustees no further action be taken to acquire Deepdale Golf Club. The mayor also noted the village has received "extensive attention and has been the subject of a great deal of misinformation in the past few months."

The case between Deepdale Golf Club and North Hills became national news when Deepdale's management and members learned of the village's intentions to condemn the club under eminent-domain laws. North Hills Mayor Marvin Natiss was at the forefront of these plans.

Deepdale Golf Club immediately filed two lawsuits to block a condemnation, and the subsequent months consisted of public accusations, press coverage, and heated debates.

NCA has followed all of the events in the Deepdale case closely for the last several months and worked to educate our industry regarding the impact of a successful seizure in this case. At NCA's Club Conference in April, Jim McCarthy, of McCarthy Communications in Washington, D.C., spoke to attendees about the eminent domain debate surrounding Deepdale and explained the details of the case, its effects on the industry, and how both sides have used marketing and the media to defend their rights.

Although the eminent domain debate surrounding Deepdale Golf Club appears to be over, the underlying issue of eminent domain abuse remains in many states. NCA and its government relations department will remain vigilant on the issue as it pertains to the private club industry.

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