Future Trends & Issues: A Private Club Perspective

Published Friday, July 28, 2006

(Washington, DC, July 28, 2006)-The National Club Association is proud to release the 2006 edition of its annual trends report, Future Trends & Issues: A Private Club Perspective. This year's edition has been expanded to include timely information about disaster planning, immigration issues and their impact on reform efforts, new trends in dining, the Internet and related security issues, and much more.

Since 2002 NCA has tracked various trends that affect the industry, conducting membership surveys, focus groups, and personal interviews with industry leaders. The association also maintains an extensive library of materials that track future trends. The result of this ongoing effort is the ability to provide an industry perspective, both in print and at many speaking engagements throughout the country.

NCA is committed to keeping its members and the industry supplied with timely information on trends so that club leaders can track and plan for the future. This latest edition is provided as a member service to help your club remain on the cutting edge of issues and forces that shape our industry.

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