NCA Foundation Supports Private Golf Club Study by National Golf Foundation

Published Thursday, May 1, 2008

(Washington, D.C, May 1, 2008)-The NCA Foundation, the National Club Association's charitable arm, announced today that it has awarded a grant to the National Golf Foundation (NGF) in Jupiter, Fla., to support the NGF's upcoming publication, The Future of Private Golf Clubs in the U.S. The grant will be used to distribute the report to private club presidents, owners and managers throughout the country this summer.

The report will provide an in-depth look at the state of private golf in the United States. Based on interviews with club operators, financial data provided by clubs and a nationally representative survey of golfers, the report will look at the current state of private golf as well as the future outlook for the nation's 4,400 golf clubs. Detailed study results will be presented to attendees of the NGF's upcoming Golf Business Symposium in Dallas on May 15.

"The NGF undertook this research to help clarify the current financial state of private clubs and the outlook for their future," said NGF president and CEO Joe Beditz. "We've read with interest numerous articles over the past several months dealing with the state of private golf. And, while these articles have done a good job of detailing the problems being experienced by private clubs, we felt that a more rigorous effort was called for to accurately quantify not only the extent of the challenges, but also what successful operators are doing to overcome them."

Sue Wegrzyn, president and CEO of the National Club Association (NCA), said that the NGF study fit perfectly into the mission of the NCA Foundation, which focuses on research and education in the private club field.

"The NCA Foundation was established in 1993 in order to fund critical trends studies and underwrite educational programs and research to help private clubs prepare for their future,” said Wegrzyn. "We were glad to be able to provide this grant to the NGF which will be used to ensure that the report achieves the widest possible distribution to private clubs."

Some results from the study:

  • For every private club that has closed its doors over the past decade, another 10 have converted to public courses.
  • The number of private golf clubs in the U.S. today is equal to the number that existed on the eve of the Great Depression.
  • After home relocation, financial reasons top the list of why members are leaving clubs.
  • Latent demand exists for private clubs, and baby boomers may join in the years ahead.


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