October 2011

Published Saturday, October 1, 2011

Member Communications: Keeping Up With the Times

Over the past several years, the aspect of our society that has seen the most rapid change has been the way in which we communicate with each other.

Growing Your Strategic Plan: Strategy Trees

Long-term strategic planning is at the heart of every club’s ability to prepare for the future. Unfortunately, saying that a strategic plan is important and knowing how to actually create one that meets the needs of your specific club are two very different things.

Making Cents: The Value of Member Retention

Membership stability is the cornerstone of any club’s success. Especially in turbulent times such as those the country experiences in a recession, clubs need to ensure that the combination of value and prestige in membership, along with both financial and emotional investment in the club, make the experience worth continuing, even with escalating costs of membership.

Laws & Regs

The NLRB Strikes Again; New Employer Mandate “Safe Harbor” Rule; Health Care Reform Law Decision; Maine Tip Definition Standards for Private Clubs

Industry Watch

Trends, demographics and news from the club industry.

NCA News

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