December 2011

Published Thursday, December 1, 2011

Top Hospitality Trends for 2012 From A to Z

As the club industry gears up for the New Year, many clubs are looking for ways to refresh their offerings and stay current within the hospitality sector ...

Marine Tips: Preparing Marinas for the Off Season 

Reprinted with permission from the ACE Group. ACE's Marine Facilities Group specialists are pleased to share with you this information on safety basics for marina off season preparation ... 

Illuminating Interviews: Tips & Tricks to Find the Right Fit 

In the club industry, where club culture and attitude is a crucial component of daily operations, finding the right candidate for a position is a fundamental part of club success ... 

Successful Interviewing Tactics

To help you gain a better understanding of successful approaches to interviewing, Rick Johnson, founder of CEO Strategist, LLC, recommends a list of eight major interview areas and provides example questions for each ...

Organizing Your Communications "Chain of Command": A Club-Wide Strategy for Maximum Activation

A lack of participation of any degree in this economy should be taken seriously, as it may cause extensive damage to the club’s retention rates down the road ...

Laws & Regs

New H-2B Wage Rule Delayed Again; Congress Preps for 34th America’s CupThe Supreme Court Takes on the Health Care Reform Law; Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Law goes into Effect on 1/1/12Denver Rejects Paid Sick Leave; Georgia E-Verify Law goes into Effect on 1/1/12

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