February 2012

Published Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Policies We Trust: Protecting Your Club Through IT Policy

Technology. It saves time, keeps us focused on our business goals and ensures we remain competitive in the fast-paced world around us. It also can be misused if not implemented in a controlled manner.

How to Draft Your Club’s IT Policies

To protect your club from liability, be sure to develop usage rules in the following areas when crafting your club’s IT policies...

Risk Management: Determining if Your Club is Vulnerable

Risk management planning is crucial to protecting the assets of the club and its officers, directors and staff.

Risk Management Checklist: High Risk Areas

In developing a risk management plan a club should pay particular attention to three areas that are especially vulnerable to risk.

Technology & Communication Study: Generational Differences Among Golf Course Staff

In most club environments, staff consists of individuals of several different generations that all need to work together.

Laws & Regs

Another Unfavorable Provision Removed From Healthcare Law; The American Job Protection Act; Repeal of the Health Insurance TaxNLRB Poster Rule Delayed; NLRB “Quickie Election” Rule Delayed Until April 30, 2012; New Indianapolis Smoking Ban May Be Picked Up the State; New York Proposes Implementing Defibrillator Requirements on Golf Courses; Michigan Amends its Unemployment Insurance Law

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