Club Marketing & Communications Joins with National Club Association as a New Corporate Partner

Membership Development Solutions Key Component of Partnership

Published Monday, April 2, 2012

(Washington, D.C., April 2, 2012) - The National Club Association (NCA) is proud to welcome Club Marketing & Communications, LLC as a new Corporate Partner and ally in furthering the success of the private club industry. As part of NCA's Corporate Partner Program, the collaboration will enhance key resources for membership development and marketing expertise for private club members.


“Our new partnership with Club Marketing & Communications will support the private club community by providing valuable resources to help enhance membership growth,” says NCA President & CEO Susanne R. Wegrzyn. “NCA is pleased to work with another organization so dedicated to advancing the interests of the club industry.”


"I am very excited to become more involved with NCA,” says Beth Meister, president of Club Marketing & Communications. “NCA's influence representing the private club industry and resources impacting the development of tomorrow's club leaders are outstanding. Club Marketing & Communications is privileged to be aligned with such a great organization."


Club Marketing & Communications is an innovative marketing firm with more than 27 years of experience providing private clubs with marketing strategies for membership development, marketing best practices, club branding practices, and qualified membership sales director hiring and training.


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For more than 50 years, the National Club Association (NCA) has served as the primary advocate for private clubs, representing their business, legal and legislative interests, while providing a wealth of invaluable resources to address educational needs of clubs related to operations, model club practices and effective leadership. 


About Club Marketing & Communications, LLC

Club Marketing & Communications is an industry leader in leveraging membership sales practices within the highly competitive club market, addressing evolving prospective member dynamics. Club Marketing & Communications carefully develops strategies and deployment plans to maximize campaign impact and efficiency. Club Marketing & Communications analyzes all aspects of membership development from industry best practices and communication to brand identity and member and club culture.



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