2012 National Golf Day

$76 Billion Golf Industry Converges on Capitol Hill

Published Wednesday, April 18, 2012
by Jackie Abrams, Communications Manager

On April 18, 2012, the allied organizations of the golf industry, including the National Club Association, set their sights on Capitol Hill, marking the 5th annual National Golf Day, an industry-wide effort to educate lawmakers about the significant impact that golf has on the economy, tax revenues and the environment, as well as the industry’s charitable contributions.

National Golf Day is an opportunity to celebrate golf’s social, economic, environmental, health and charitable contributions to America. The National Club Association, as part of WE ARE GOLF—a coalition of the game’s leading associations and industry partners, will meet with members of Congress to share stories and data about golf’s diverse businesses, employees, tax revenue creation, tourism and charitable benefits, and environmental leadership.

NCA President & CEO Susanne R. Wegrzyn and NCA Vice President of Government Relations Brad D. Steele will meet with members of Congress to promote awareness of golf’s benefits and to highlight the impact of the golf industry on the many small businesses and thousands of workers who support it—completing a full schedule of productive meetings on issues important to the future of the golf industry with prominent House and Senate Republicans.

“The golf industry is a key part of the American small business landscape—employing millions of workers and bolstering the economy on both a local and national scale,” said Susanne R. Wegrzyn, NCA President & CEO. “The golf industry also gives back to the communities that support it, raising over $1.1 billion in charitable contributions. NCA and our allies in WE ARE GOLF work with Congress every year to highlight the important ways the golf industry serves our nation’s economy and the vital part that it plays in environmental stewardship.”

Golf is an integral component of the American economy, sustaining more than 2 million jobs and providing workers with a combined income of more than $61 billion. More than 28 million Americans engage in the sport of golf, making golf a $76 billion industry with an overall impact measured at $195 billion.

The golf industry is also one of the most ardent supports responsible environmental stewardship, as the game thrives on the beauty of its green spaces. Golf courses are professionally managed by individuals who have been educated, certified and/or licensed to ensure that the golf facilities are operated in an environmentally responsible manner, and the industry has long served as one of the strongest advocates for environmentally friendly practices. Golf courses, by their presence alone, help protect the environment, with many serving as designated Audubon sanctuaries and wildlife habitats, while the turfgrass on golf courses serves as a filter to control run off and flooding and trees and bushes filter dust and pollen.

Not only is golf an integral part of the private club industry, but also of the communities that it serves and the economy that it supports. The National Club Association and its industry allies will continue to work with dedicated members of Congress and industry leaders through events like National Golf Day, to help foster the game’s growth in the years to come.

For more information about National Golf Day, visit http://www.nationalclub.org/advocacy/national_golf_day_2012/.


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