June 2012

Published Friday, June 1, 2012

The Excellence in Club Management® Award: Now Accepting Nominations for 2012

The Excellence in Club Management® Award, sponsored by McMahon Group and Club & Resort Business magazine is an annual award that recognizes private club general managers, managers and chief operating officers who have exhibited outstanding skills in managing their club.

What’s New in Summer Camps: Fresh Club Programming

As the weather begins to heat up and schools begin to wind down, many young club goers only have one thing on their mind: summer camp! While many parents aren’t able to take the entire summer off, they want to be sure that their children are able to make the most of their extended leisure time.

Rating Board Performance: A Tool for Assessment

There are lots of reasons to conduct a board performance assessment: regular and honest self-appraisal by board members can help to identify beneficial structural and procedural changes, develop new policies and modify existing ones...

Laws & Regs

H-2B Visa Overhaul Rule Blocked; Congress Weighs-in on H-2B Overhaul Rule (and H-2B Wage Rule), too; The NLRB Suffers another Blow; Bills Taxing Club Initiation Fees and Dues Defeated in California; Illinois Swimming Pool Safety Regulations up for Debate; Michigan Paid Sick Leave Bill

Industry Watch

Trends, demographics and news from the club industry.


Club Industry Brief

NCA's free bi-weekly news digest is designed specifically for private club leaders. It covers industry news and trends and articles on golf, membership and operations for private clubs.