July 2012

Published Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Capital Idea: Club Facility Improvements

As the economy rebounds, clubs are moving into an area of distinct opportunity, and, for the first time in a long time, some are getting the sense that better days are ahead for the industry.

Key Steps for Planning Capital Projects

Planning for capital projects at private clubs is a complex undertaking. First, there are the club's needs and desires. Next is the issue of club member "politics" that is inexorably intertwined with financial considerations...

Physical Issues that Trigger Renovations

There are numerous examples of how clubs renovate, but what is most important is why. Sometimes a club needs to compete in order to survive and thrive. Sometimes the club's facilities have been neglected.

The Expected Lifecycle of Golf Course Elements

As clubs consider updating their facilities and renovating elements of their clubs, and especially their golf courses, it’s important to understand the lifecycle of key golf course components.

Preparing for the Hurricane Season: Emergency Action Plan Checklist for Marinas and Yacht Clubs

In the past 100 years, Atlantic hurricanes have wreaked havoc as far north as Halifax, Nova Scotia and as far south as the Caribbean islands and Central America. We all have witnessed the vast devastation these storms caused. The key lesson from these major storms is that a well-thought-out emergency action plan may significantly reduce direct and indirect damage. The plan should include actions before, during and after a hurricane.

Laws & Regs

Discussion of Tax Rate Extensions; A Win Against the H-2B Regulations; NLRB Rules Get FY13 Funding; Georgia Clubs Must Use E-Verify by July 1, 2012; Kansas Bill Reduces Income and Sales Tax for 2013

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