October 2012

Published Monday, October 1, 2012


Privacy Matters: Private Club Websites

In the digital era, websites are often the primary source of information about almost any organization. Most businesses use their websites to sell products or services. However, private clubs are not like traditional businesses open to the public, and their websites need to reflect that difference.

Personalized Service Starts with Remembering Members’ Names

Part of the private club experience is the connection that develops between members and club staff. A warm familiar greeting every time they walk through the door is something members expect—and deserve.

The Spa Report: Top Three Trends Revealed

Spas have become an integral part of many private clubs’ offerings.

The Well-Dressed Worker: Workplace Dress and Grooming

As American society becomes increasingly more casual, both at home and in the workplace, setting standards for professional attire in the business world has become increasingly more difficult. Different people have different views on what counts as “professional attire,” and what certain individuals may or may not consider appropriate can vary wildly.

Laws & Regs

FY 13 Spending Bills; IRS Issues Guidance on the PPACA; Current Form I-9 Still in Effect until Further Notice; Changes to Swimming Pool Safety Requirements in California and Washington; No Movement in Our Court Cases Against the NLRB

Industry Watch

Trends, demographics and news from the club industry.

NCA News

NCA Announces Speakers for its Regional Conferences; Welcome to NCA’s Newest Club Members; Welcome to NCA’s Newest Associate Member








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