November 2012

Published Thursday, November 1, 2012

Continuing Education for Fitness and Tennis Staff: Prevent Injuries, Reduce Legal Concerns and Improve Member Satisfaction and Retention

Tennis is seeing a resurgence in popularity throughout the country: nearly 30 million people participated in the sport last year.

Liability Waivers: Protection for Clubs

Liability waivers are important for clubs with fitness facilities because, if well written, they can help protect the club from liability for injuries resulting from negligence in most jurisdictions.

Voting Rights Round-Up: Paid or Unpaid Time Off?

Are we required to provide employees with time off to vote on November 6 during the workday? If so, does the time off have to be paid?

Board Dynamics: Coming Together and Moving Ahead

Board culture is one of those tenuous areas where it can be challenging to get everyone on the same page. Individual board members have their own specific ideas about how the club should be run, and often these ideas can come into conflict with each other—or with the general manager.

‘Tis (Almost) the Season: Top Five Holiday Party Trends

As the temperature drops and the smell of firewood fills the air, a pervasive sense of anticipation sets in for the holidays.

Sprit of Giving: Employee Gifts and Taxes

With the holiday season underway, many clubs may be planning on giving gifts to their employees. Clubs should keep in mind the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules regarding gifts to employees

Laws & Regs

New Jersey Bill Reinforces NLRB Decision; Tennessee Golf Courses Lose Greenbelt Exemptions; Six States Announce Minimum Wage Increases for 2013; Missouri Club Reaches Agreement on Smoking Ban
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