GSI Executive Search Joins the National Club Association Corporate Partner Program as Executive Partner

Published Thursday, November 29, 2012

(Washington, D.C., November 29, 2012) - The National Club Association (NCA) is proud to announce that GSI Executive Search has joined NCA's Corporate Partner Program as an Executive Partner. GSI Executive Search has already established itself as an actively engaged Associate Member of NCA. By becoming an Executive Partner, GSI distinguishes itself as a resource for all NCA members and as an important ally in NCA's fight to advance the private club industry's interests on Capitol Hill.

GSI is an experienced executive placement firm that helps fill key leadership positions in private clubs with respected individuals best able to serve the clubs' needs. GSI has placed more than 450 leaders at approximately 300 private clubs, using an in-depth, client-centered approach sensitive to the distinct culture of each club. GSI also provides a full array of human resources consulting services for clubs and resorts. The firm has headquarters in Tampa Bay, St. Louis and North Florida.

“Strong, motivated club leadership is essential to NCA's mission of advancing the interests of private clubs nationally. The experienced team at GSI provides a critical service for the industry by matching distinguished individuals with club leadership openings," commented NCA President & CEO Susanne R. Wegrzyn. “ Beyond helping us to champion the industry's causes, this new relationship between our organizations will greatly help NCA provide clubs around the country important guidance on issues of club leadership and culture."

Richard Farrell, president and co-founder of GSI Executive Search, said, “We are very proud to be aligned with a fine organization like NCA and we are also pleased to be associated with the NCA Foundation to support the important research and programming that furthers the growth of the private club industry. Co-founder Charlie Hoare, CCM, and Partner Scott McNett and I look forward to working closely with NCA in the next year and beyond."

With its commitment as an Executive Partner, GSI will benefit NCA's private club members through many new projects, including targeted editorial contributions in Club Director and NCA CONNECT.

Additionally, GSI's commitment helps shape the future of the private club industry through a contribution to the National Club Association Foundation (NCAF). The NCA Foundation is the National Club Association's charitable arm, established in 1993, supporting research and education programs that provide insight into the forces likely to shape the private club experience down the road ahead.

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