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Published Friday, March 15, 2013

The National Club Association is excited to announce that registration is now open for our landmark 10th annual National Club Conference in Boca Raton, Fla., on April 28-30, 2013. The National Club Conference provides private club leaders an unparalleled opportunity to learn from expert speakers about a wide range of key topics while establishing important professional connections.

This year’s conference features an outstanding lineup of educational presentations and panels centered around three distinct tracks: major industry trends; legislative, regulatory and legal issues; and club governance. The club governance education sessions are a special feature of this year’s conference, presented by popular demand. During this additional half-day of programming, attendees will learn about building boards and committees and empowering them to effectively lead their clubs. Managers are encouraged to bring board presidents and directors to the conference to ensure their clubs make the most of this exceptional feature.

Track I: Trends Affecting the Future of Clubs
A crucial part of preparing for the future of the club industry is understanding the major issues and trends that will help shape clubs’ future environment. This year’s National Club Conference offers educational programs designed to help clubs understand and prepare for key societal and technological and industry trends that will affect the way clubs approach future development and planning,

The first session, Top Ten Megatrends for Clubs: What’s Changing & How to Respond, will focus on significant opportunities and challenges confronting clubs. Based on research findings from NCA’s futuristic trends study, “Navigating the Future: The Outlook for Private Clubs,” this program will highlight key aspects of how society and clubs will likely be changing and ways clubs could respond to achieve success.

One of the driving forces behind cultural, societal and business shifts in recent years has been the rapid advancement of technology. The groundbreaking program, Technology Innovation and The Future of Private Clubs: A Panel Discussion with Industry Leaders will offer insight into what’s on the horizon for technology innovation in the private club industry. Sharing the stage together for the first time, attendees will hear from CEOs of the industry’s leading software developers and technology providers about where they see the future of club technology heading, what they are doing about it, and how the result of these innovations will enhance the club experience for this generation of members and the next. Designed for both management and board members, this program will provide a unique opportunity to hear answers directly from club software authorities.

When planning for club development, understanding and defining accomplishments is crucial to evaluate future progress. Comparing your club’s performance to similar operations can be an invaluable way to measure success in key areas. Trends in Benchmarking for Clubs: Bringing a Business Focus to Decision Making provides recommended tools and tips for evaluating financial metrics and benchmark data to support your club’s decision making and gain a better understanding of issues that can affect future success.

Track II: Legislative, Regulatory and Legal Issues For Clubs
These past few years have seen a host of new legal, legislative and regulatory issues that have significantly impacted the ways that clubs interact with their employees. The solidification of the Affordable Care Act and a rapidly rising number of employment-related lawsuits are two major areas that clubs will need to address in the coming years,

Complying with the Affordable Care Act: Implementing the new Health Care Law will set the groundwork for your club to face the many challenges presented by the implementation of the new health care law. What key deadlines are looming and what major decisions will your club need to make? What will be the impact of the full implementation of the law on your club’s bottom line? This program will deal with the many questions employers are struggling to address and provide guidance for future steps clubs might need to take to protect themselves, ensure compliance and remain competitive.

Developing employee policies to ensure the smooth operation of a club’s workforce can prevent misunderstandings and reduce the risk of employment-related claims. Employment Law Issues for Private Clubs will address significant areas of potential liability, including an overview of laws and statutes with which private clubs must comply. The program will also provide vital information on the growing impact of union organizing efforts and basic dos and don'ts that should warrant clubs’ attention.

Track III: Building Effective Club Governance
A strong board is the foundation of any thriving club—providing decisive leadership, sound guidance and insightful vision. A board that leverages the combined talents of its directors can help the club thrive, but not all boards are able to attain that level of focus or cohesion. When boards work well together and within the structure of the club, it doesn’t happen by accident—it’s the result of careful planning and the implementation of best practices that set the standard for strong governance and a bright future.

Given the growing importance of club governance, NCA has created a new initiative, the Board Leadership Institute, to provide resources to develop highly effective club boards that are well prepared for their future. Institute initiatives will focus on knowledge building activities to expand both awareness of, and ways to use, effective guidance on club governance. This special governance track is a part of NCA’s Board Leadership Institute.

Ensuring that your board is engaged and effective takes quality leaders with knowledge, skills and expertise. But the process of sustaining leadership doesn’t stop there. Trends in Board Development: What it Takes to Provide Sustained Leadership will address the most critical factors for building an effective nonprofit board, as well as current trends in board development, to help foster skills necessary to take your board to the next level. Our speaker for this session is former BoardSource CEO Linda Crompton.

A crisis is any unwelcome event or situation that forces your club to divert resources to manage it or risk losing a key component in its ability to survive. When crises do strike, clubs often look to their leadership to see them through the storm. Almost all crises can be anticipated, which means that clubs can prepare for many crises before they ever occur. Crisis Communication: Being Prepared for the Unexpected will provide guidance on how to prepare, including strategies for dealing with negative media coverage in a world of viral communications and 24/7 news coverage.

The fundamental role of club board members focuses on setting policy and direction—governing as leaders who make important decisions about mission and strategy. Through a series of case study presentations, Exceptional Board Practices: Case Studies in Board Leadership will highlight how effective board leaders can significantly impact the level of a club’s achievements. It will also address key responsibilities a club president should fulfill and best practices that can help a club president prepare for this role.

Preparing for Success
These highly rated education sessions provide club leaders with information they can apply to their clubs’ day-to-day operations and inspiration to prepare their clubs for long-term success. Each year, top club managers, directors and industry leaders come together to strengthen their clubs and the club industry as a whole. As the club industry faces more challenges than ever, club leaders can’t afford to fall behind the curve.

“I look forward to the National Club Conference every year,” said Terra S.H. Waldron, vice president and general manager of The Desert Highlands Golf Club. “Hearing from the expert educational speakers always gives me an outstanding amount of valuable insight to take back to my club.”

Chris Berlin, General Manager of Oakland Hills Country Club, stated, “I always make sure to bring a board member to the conferences, to ensure my club’s leadership stays up-to-date. Every board member who has attended an NCA conference with me has come away impressed.”

Registration for the 2013 National Club Conference is now open. To register, please visit The conference education sessions will take place at the beautiful Boca Raton Resort & Club, at the heart of South Florida’s vibrant club life. Whether attendees are learning, golfing, dining or networking, these valuable experiences will help club leaders pave the way to future club success.

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