May 2013

Published Wednesday, May 1, 2013

National Golf Day 2013
On April 16, 2013, the National Club Association joined other prominent voices in the world of golf for the 6th annual National Golf Day on Capitol Hill.

The Economic Impact of the Multicultural Population
While much has been said about the population growth of minorities in the past decade—nearly 92 percent of U.S. population growth was in minority populations—a new study indicates that the economic power of racial and ethnic minorities is growing as well.

Enhanced Member Experience Starts With the Team
Any successful club manager understands that ensuring a premier member experience is the most important part of overall operations.

Top 7 Beverage Trends to Watch in 2013-2014
In the ever changing, high-margins world of beverage services, predicting customer tastes is crucial to maximizing success. What drinks will buyers seek in the near future?

Laws & Regs

The Immigration Bill Hits the Senate, The President's FY14 Budget Proposal, More Delays with Obamacare, DOL Issues a New H-2B Visa Rule, H-2B Overhaul Rule Case, NYC Paid Sick Leave

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Trends, demographics and news from the club industry.

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