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December 2013

Published Sunday, December 1, 2013

What's Next for Private Clubs: Inside NCA's Newest Publication
The private club industry will always hold heritage and tradition at the heart of the member experience, each club offering its own unique identity and community. Yet, in today’s fast-paced world, private clubs cannot afford to ignore the trends shaping our society.

Avoiding Taxes on Holiday Gifts to Employees
As the holiday season approaches, NCA reminds club members and officials to be aware of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules regarding gifts to employees. A club’s method of gift-giving usually determines whether or not holiday gifts will be viewed as taxable wages.

OSHA Inspections and Your Club: Their Rights and Yours
How far is OSHA’s reach? How are their requirements enforced? What are the consequences when workplace hazards are found upon inspection? Conversely, what rights do clubs have when it comes to OSHA inspections and enforcement? 

Credit Card, Cash or Club Charge? The Best Fit for Private Clubs
What is the best form of payment at a club: credit card, cash or club charge? This article discusses these three very different forms of payment and their strengths and weaknesses. 

Laws and Regs
Delaying the Health Insurance Tax; More Requirements from OSHA Possible; Two More States to Allow Same-Sex Marriage; Colorado Voters Reject Major Tax Hike; New Jersey Expands Anti-Discrimination Law; Changes in California Employment Law 2014; Minimum Wage Guide to Increases in 2014. 

Industry Watch
Trends, demographics and news from the club industry. 

NCA News
NCA's newest members and register for the 2014 National Club Conference. 


Club Industry Brief

NCA's free bi-weekly news digest is designed specifically for private club leaders. It covers industry news and trends and articles on golf, membership and operations for private clubs.