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January 2014

Published Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Special Edition: Four New Year's Resolutions for Clubs

New Year's Resolution #1: Help Members Reach Their Fitness Goals

Learn how private clubs can be a part of the solution to keep club members on track with their health and fitness goals.

New Year's Resolution #2: Commit to Good Governance 

Successful private club governance is not something that occurs once a month, or however may times a club board meets annually. Rather, it’s constant, ongoing and integrated into every day club operations.

New Year's Resolution #3: Make Employee Training and Development a Priority

In the New Year, set goals to train employees, focus on developing their knowledge and skills, and commit to reviewing performance goals year round.

Near Year's Resolution #4: Jazz Up Food & Beverage Options 

Keeping up with consumer trends in food and beverage leaves restaurants in a constant game of catch up. Find out ways to stay ahead of the curve and to implement fresh ideas. 

Laws & Regs

A Return to Normalcy in Washington?; Another Setback for DOL Regarding H-2B Wages; Changes to E-Verify Take Effect January 8, 2014; New Jersey Lawsuit to Hinge on a Club’s Private Status; Minimum Wage Update; Minimum Wage Debate Shifts to Tipped Employees in Washington, DC

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