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Looking Forward out a Rear Window

Published Wednesday, November 30, 2016
by Henry Wallmeyer

Ever since I was a kid on family vacations (as the youngest of four, I got the backseat of the wood-paneled station wagon looking out the rear window)—I have always been enamored by the things that surround us, what makes them unique. This includes, but is not limited to, signs, shapes, license plates, nature, advertisements and the unusual. (I feel badly for kids today that, even on short rides, are drawn to their electronic devices instead of what is right outside their window. But I will say that as a parent of two young children, electronic devices do keep the "Are we there yet?" question from rearing its ugly head as frequently.)

From those early years of travelling to today, the thing that has always interested me the most (and probably why I majored in marketing at Villanova University) is a company's branding. What makes McDonald's, Coca-Cola, FedEx and others so recognizable? It is their strong brand. You know who they are and what they do. We are all affected and influenced by branding. Heck, even my son was affected by it at three years old when he was able to identify the NFL teams by the logos on his pajamas. (Unfortunately he couldn't pick the winners, which was an expensive way to learn he wasn't a savant when it came to wagering.)

In the near future, while the National Club Association might not be as recognizable worldwide as the aforementioned brands, we are going to make sure everyone who is in or connected to the private club industry knows who we are and how we can be of service to them. To that end, we have recently launched a completely refreshed brand.

NCA's new brand defines what we stand for and communicates our core values of advocacy, insight and governance, making a clear promise to our members and the private club industry about the part we are playing in shaping a brighter road ahead for clubs.

NCA’s rebranding is just one of the many positive changes taking place at our association. I welcome your feedback on this or any of NCA’s developments and I encourage you to download the member logo and use it in your club's communications.

And, the next time you or your kids are traveling on a long or short trip, please be sure to notice what you see—even if it is out the rear window.

Warm Regards,

Henry Wallmeyer
NCA CEO & President

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