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See How I Won at Jeopardy!

Published Wednesday, March 1, 2017
by Henry Wallmeyer

Who wouldn’t want to have all the answers? Even better, to have all the answers before the questions are even asked and be the smartest person in the room?

My son and I recently had this opportunity to have all the answers during last week’s “Jeopardy! College Championship.” My family (wife, daughter age 11 and son age 9) enjoys spending time together watching “Jeopardy!” and yelling out the answers—for myself, often the wrong answers. We had been following the college tournament regularly and had even identified our favorites contestants—mostly based on their college. It got to be required TV watching for the family.

One night my daughter’s basketball practice coincided with “Jeopardy!,” so my son and I decided to record the show so that we could all watch it when my daughter and her mom returned from practice. We knew they would appreciate the gesture … and then the great plan was hatched.

I suggested to my son that it might be funny if we went ahead and watched the show before the ladies got home so that when we all sat down to watch it as a family we would know all the answers and impress them with our knowledge. Everything was going according to plan; my son and I were providing the correct answers and impressing my wife and daughter. I received more than one look of astonishment from my wife after my son gave correct answers to things that aren’t typical for a third grader to know. I tried my best to act surprised while also practicing my own deception and shouting out other answers. And then it happened.

Right before Alex Trebek announced the “Final Jeopardy!” category, my son announced “Shakespearean Characters” before it was even up on the screen. This raised my daughter’s suspicion and she quickly deduced that we had already watched the episode. Having all those answers felt good—even if it was dubiously achieved.

You might be wondering why I wanted to pass along this family story. It is because our goal here at NCA is to be able supply you, your staff and your board with all the answers before you get the questions—just like I had, and make you the smartest person in the room. I cannot encourage you enough to take advantage of the resources (webinars, periodicals, publications, customized research, etc.) we have to make your club more successful.

In the near future, NCA is providing you new resources including webinars on OSHA recordkeeping concerns, how the new administration will impact workplace law as well as immigration policy. Members should also soon receive our latest NCA Board Leadership Institute white paper, “Dynamics of Club Board Cycles,” to help sustain and grow your board’s success. And of course, our 2017 National Club Conference is sure to be our most exciting and informative conference to date.

You made the investment to join NCA, and it is imperative to make sure that you get the most from your investment by utilizing what we offer. I implore you to reach out to us and let us give you those answers that you need—because you don’t want to put your club’s success in jeopardy. 

Warm Regards,


NCA President & CEO


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