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Living Up to Our Logo

Published Tuesday, March 28, 2017
by Henry Wallmeyer

In my December blog, I wrote about how NCA’s new identity and logo reflects a strengthened commitment in our areas of expertise and issues of key importance to private clubs: advocacy, insight and governance. Let’s take a closer look and see how we are keeping our promise to our members and the private club industry to shape a brighter road ahead for clubs.


NCA has been closely following the new repeal and replacement plans for the Affordable Care Act, providing analysis of those plans’ potential impact on clubs and the club industry (See this week's WWU). It has been an interesting last few weeks in Washington and you can feel secure that your association has been representing you to make you more successful no matter how fascinating it gets here.

On the regulatory front, NCA is reporting on the many actions being taken by the new administration to review existing regulations and eliminate onerous rules that are burdensome to private clubs—from OSHA to the Department of Labor’s Overtime Rule.

President Trump also signed an Executive Order dealing with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Waters of the United States rule. A major victory for clubs, the executive order requires the EPA administrator to rescind or revise the rule to create a new rule that limits the scope of the “navigable water” definition—exactly what NCA has requested since this rule was first proposed.


NCA’s “2017 Outlook Issue” of Club Trends takes an expansive view of the many national trends intersecting with the private club industry and offers insight into the ways that clubs are fashioning new programs, premium facilities and practical policies to address and capitalize on these trends. One member remarked to me that “I just received my copy of the Club Trends – 2017 Outlook and I can tell you that I cannot put it down – the information is absolutely spot on and extremely useful.  Congratulations – it is truly well done – good stuff!!” NCA is also working on a new golf-focused issue as well as a white paper on caddie classification.


NCA just released “Dynamics of Club Board Cycles,” the second installment of NCA’s Club Governance Standards white paper series. NCA members have been asking for new direction on how club boards can be more strategic and effective, essential processes and policies of successful club boards, and recommended practices for boards to transition effectively from one board to the next. This white paper provides insight on those issues from industry experts—including club leaders that have achieved committed and consistent governance as a part of their club culture.

Let me know the other areas of advocacy, insight or governance where we can help you, your club and your board excel.

Warm Regards,

Henry Wallmeyer

Henry Wallmeyer


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