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Published Tuesday, February 13, 2018
by Henry Wallmeyer

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the PGA Show in Orlando. The PGA Show is a great opportunity to connect with friends, family (including my brother-in-law, Mike Stachura of Golf Digest), colleagues, members and prospective members to see the latest and greatest that the golf industry has to offer. It has been impressive to see the proliferation of not only the number of golf simulator companies, but also the advances in their technologies. And these technologies aren’t just limited to golf. Along with golf, one company also has 13 multisport experiences that can be played on the simulator including, baseball, soccer, hockey, and basketball. But the PGA Show isn’t all fun and simulated games.

Great work is being done at meetings by dedicated industry leaders volunteering their time, talents and treasures to make the game more accessible, affordable and interesting. As a member of the Golf 20/20 Advisory Board I am privileged to work with my colleagues to increase participation, transform the perception of golf, and ensure economic and environmental sustainability.

I also have the pleasure to serve on a Caddie Task Force to promote youth caddying and develop young golfers. The new Carry the Game initiative introduces young students to the game of golf by creating additional opportunities for them to train and work as caddies and encourages them to become lifelong players. Look for more on this initiative as NCA works with our members clubs and their caddie programs. And as the father of a 12-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son, I look forward to getting them involved in caddying and benefiting from all it offers, and to ultimately have them teach me how to play better and how to find my ball in the woods easier. 

But one must eat while at the PGA Show and I had the pleasure to attend a vineyard vines dinner honoring Jim Nantz, where they announced a collaboration for a new line of golf apparel and accessories for men ladies and children set for release in 2019. This builds on the Forget-Me-Knot collection Jim has with vineyard vines that he mentioned in his article in our spring issue of Club Director. Jim spoke eloquently about his love for the game of golf and how much it means to him and how it is such a wonderful game. But of course, when I spoke with Jim after the dinner, my questions did not center around golf, but the 2016 NCAA National Championship game which happened to be won by Villanova. I just can’t help myself.

Warm Regards,
Henry Wallmeyer

Henry Wallmeyer


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