CEO Blog: National Club Conference Day 1 Recap

Published Tuesday, April 17, 2018
by Henry Wallmeyer

The National Club Conference is about helping private clubs thrive, and this week we will hear from successful leaders at the top of their respective fields. But it’s not all work at the National Club Conference. We also get together to reconnect and socialize. At this year’s conference that means taking advantage of everything Los Angeles has to offer.

The conference began with terrific board meetings for both NCA and the NCA Foundation. We are blessed to have great leaders on both boards, and these meetings provide the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate the boards and make sure that both organizations are on track. The board meetings got the National Club Conference off to a roaring start!

The fun began on Sunday with a trip to the Magic Castle at The Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood. Conference attendees had a great night, enjoying a fun and amazing magic show performed by some of the world’s most outstanding artists. I’d like to give a special thanks to Magic Castle’s general manager Joe Furlow and the conference transportation sponsor Club Car for making the night a success.

Yesterday was devoted to reconnecting. We began with a trip to Beverly Hills to RealID headquarters to see first-hand how RealID’s technology is revolutionizing movie making. The cutting-edge technology on display was extraordinary. After the studio tour,  conference attendees traveled to the Hollywood Walk of Fame to see the famed hand and footprints of Hollywood’s biggest stars. It was a fun day for reconnecting with club leaders from all over the United States, and for those of us who were making our first trip to Hollywood it was a thrill to see the monuments to Hollywood’s biggest heroes.

The day finished with a wonderful reception at The California Club, one of the nation’s most revered city clubs. Old friends and colleagues got together over cocktails, delicious food and cigars. Thanks to general manager Peter Schaub and his team for their wonderful hospitality and Studio JBD & Jefferson Group Architecture for sponsoring the event. 

The reception perfectly set the stage for the 2018 National Club Conference and got us ready for Tuesday, when we get to work.

You can keep track of all the festivities by following us on Twitter @NatlClubAssn and the hashtag #NCAConf18

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