CEO Blog: You Do have a Horse in this Race

Published Tuesday, May 1, 2018
by Henry Wallmeyer

For those of us here in the middle Atlantic, and other parts of the county as well, it is finally starting to resemble spring—azaleas are in bloom, trees are filling in, lawn mowing has commenced and massive amounts of pollen are wreaking havoc on my kids’ allergies.

And one more sign of spring is upon us, the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby this Saturday. I love the Derby for several reasons. It signals spring has arrived. It gives me an excuse to break out the seersucker suit. And it is an opportunity for my family to spend an enjoyable afternoon watching beautiful animals powerfully race around the track in the most exciting two minutes in sports.

What makes the race even more exciting for my family is that we all have a few horses in the race that we specifically root for. In as fair of a way as possible to determine what horses we will call ours, we pick them out of a hat. My son usually ends up with the better-odds horses, but my daughter usually gets the winning horse. It definitely makes it much more thrilling when you have a horse in the race.  

Whether you do or don’t end up having a horse in the Derby on Saturday, you do have a horse in the race when it comes to defending, protecting and advancing the interests and well-being of your club. For more than 55 years, NCA has provided private clubs with a voice on Capitol Hill—and that was never more evident than last week on National Golf Day. 

On April 25, NCA, represented by Luke O'Boyle from Chevy Chase Club, Janine Budzius from Philadelphia Country Club and Tom Bennison of ClubCorp, as well as NCA staff, hit Capitol Hill for impactful meetings with representatives and chiefs of staff from leadership offices to drive home the necessity for action on increasing the amount of eligible H-2B visas; passage of the STARS Act, and common sense changes to the overtime rule. It was a jammed packed day of eight meetings taking place simultaneously with French President Macron’s address to a joint session of Congress.

I hope you followed our day on Twitter @NatlClubAssn and have read the full details of the day in the April 30 “Washington Weekly Update” and read the article in “NCA CONNECT” to get a sense of what goes in to effectively advocating for you. When you see this, I think you will be much more excited about the horse you have in the race. And even more importantly, how you can help your horse win.

And for entertainment purposes only, I like My Boy Jack at 16-1 on Saturday.


Warm Regards,
Henry Wallmeyer

Henry Wallmeyer


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