NCA CONNECT: 5 Myths About Private Clubs

Published Tuesday, July 31, 2018

5 Myths About Private Clubs

NCA President & CEO Henry Wallmeyer challenges common misperceptions about the private club industry in this popular series.

Natural Disasters

As summer wears on, clubs continue to face the serious threat of extreme weather and natural disasters. NCA has provided resources that will help clubs prepare and protect their members, staff and facilities.

Laws & Regs

Pennsylvania Proposes Overtime Increase

Washington State Also Considers Overtime Hike

Delaware Increases Minimum Wage

DC Considers Reversing Minimum Wage Hike for Tipped Workers

Cautionary Tale: Kohl's Sued for Misclassification of Workers

ACA Taxes Repealed in the House

NCA News

Club Safety Tip

Club Industry Brief

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