NCA Agenda: Independent Contractor Issues Remain on The Front Burner

Published Friday, March 1, 2019

Independent Contractor Issues Remain on The Front Burner

The battle rages at both state and federal levels over worker misclassification and what some call “wage theft.” The issue of misclassification crosses into many different workplace issues for clubs and other employers. 

Is Tribalism Strengthening the Private Club Industry?

Today, sweeping demographic change in the American landscape has put tribalism back in the driver’s seat

The High-Performing Board of Directors

As part of your best practices in governance, the club should have a documented board profile, which is a “wish list” of attributes, skills and perspectives represented on the board.

Laws & Regs

Club Pays $30,000 in EEOC Age Discrimination Settlement

H-2B Visa Increase Approved

Two States Become 4th and 5th to Mandate $15 Minimum Wage

Maryland Club Assessment Bill Defeated Again

NCA & Corporate Partner News

Meet Our New Members

Jonas Club Software to Debut Staff Scheduling Suite at CMAA Conference






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