NCA Agenda: Powerful Assist

Published Sunday, December 1, 2019

Powerful Assist

Clubs are committed not just to attracting women as members, but to fostering leadership by women within the club. For many clubs, this extends to the operational side of the club, as more clubs are hiring women for leadership positions throughout their organizations.

Knock, Knock: Is your Club ready for a Government Audit or Site Visit?

Is your club ready for a government audit or site visit? While neither one of these scenarios is something that anyone wants to think about, it is imperative that your club is ready in this time of enhanced government scrutiny on organizations that employ foreign nationals. Importantly, some government audits happen even if you do not employ foreign nationals. What types of audits and government visits affect private clubs?

Confidentiality: The Fourth Fiduciary Responsibility

Much has been written about boardroom confidentiality in both the public and private sectors, but not specifically for private clubs. Confidentiality may not be one of the legal duties of private club board members however it is typically listed along with the three primary legal fiduciary responsibilities in the modern Board Policy Manuals.

Club Industry Brief

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